The Best Areas To Live In Las Vegas NV

The second article in our series about the city of Las Vegas is about the best areas to live. With the experience we have at Vegas Condo Scene – Las Vegas Condos for Sale with real estate in the city, we’ve compiled a list of areas with more information.

The City of Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. It is best known for its exorbitant casinos, nightclubs, and the large number of celebrities who reside there or visit regularly. The large celebrity population is due to the flourishing entertainment industry which mainly consists of nightclubs and casinos. The glitz, glamor, and charm of Las Vegas are like a drug which captivates and holds the attention of its audience. It draws people from all around the world, and the thrill of the casinos keeps them coming back again and again.

As with any city regardless of its size, there are differences in living conditions according to demographics. I will say that all of these areas are very homogenous as far as their population breakdowns by age, race, and most other factors. We will discuss a few of the neighborhoods of the region and present you with some of their characteristics, and demography.


The Las Vegas Strip, largely located within Paradise

The Las Vegas Strip, largely located within Paradise

Paradise is probably a unique city in the world. Even though it contains the airport, and strip it is not a part of the City of Las Vegas. Addresses will frequently have Vegas names, but Paradise is an unincorporated township. The reason for this is quite simple. When Las Vegas was founded, the casinos were largely controlled by organized crime figures. They knew that if they allowed Paradise to become annexed to Vegas, they would be subjected to municipal taxes and fees. Since they were planning on making a lot of money, this would cost much of their profit. The casinos successfully supported legislation to create unincorporated townships such as Paradise which allowed them to avoid paying taxes.

Downtown Las Vegas

The downtown area of Las Vegas is famous for its glitz and glamor and is the immediate image that most people have when Vegas is spoken of. It is the central business district and original town site. The strip was added later as the gaming industry became so popular that gaming enterprises began to spring up everywhere. Since it is an incorporated city, it is subject to all of the services afforded to a city, along with the taxes required to operate and maintain it.

Summerlin Nevada

Howard HughesSummerlin is a crafted community in Clark County Nevada. It is unincorporated and is a popular place for the affluent. Summerlin is an extremely large community, but technically it is not a city. It covers an area of about 35 square miles. Summerlin has all of the amenities of a city except for the title.

The land was originally purchased by Howard Hughes. However, he never developed it or moved there. It was planned and crafted in 1988 and named after Mr. Hughes’ paternal grandmother.

Centennial Hills Nevada

Centennial Hills is an unincorporated community located North of Las Vegas. It is ranked as the 4th best place to live among all of the communities in the area. It, as with most of the surrounding communities can stand on its own as a city because it has all of the amenities necessary to be self-contained. It also boasts higher median and means incomes and a lower crime level than Las Vegas. As with most communities surrounding Vegas it has been carefully crafted for ease of living.

Green Valley

Green Valley is a neighborhood located in Henderson Nevada which is immediately North of Las Vegas. It is a planned and prosperous community which was conceived and built in the same manner as Summerlin. It is about the same age as Summerlin and just as affluent. It covers about 8,000 acres just Southeast of the Las Vegas Valley. Green Valley is a quiet area where children can be raised in relative peace. This community sits almost halfway between Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.


View of Arden from the west, with Henderson in the distance.

View of Arden from the west, with Henderson in the distance.

Arden is also an unincorporated community about seven miles South of Las Vegas. The City of Las Vegas surrounds it so it is similar enough to where you won’t even realize the existence of most boundaries between the two. It does possess its flavor and identity. The population density is roughly two-thirds that of Las Vegas which is a consideration for persons desiring to escape the congestion of the big city. Arden is sometimes referred to as a neighborhood of Las Vegas because the status of many of the surrounding townships remains confusing even to long time residents.


You can see here that Las Vegas and the surrounding metropolis is a unique area. The Townships and neighborhoods mentioned here are a subjective list at best. All of the areas mentioned have many things in common. They are all planned communities and were crafted with the affluent individual in mind. All of the crafted cities were designed for luxury and convenience and to draw residents.

You may agree or disagree with what we have listed here, and we would not argue with you at all. We did not attempt to rank these communities authoritatively in any order, nor are we asserting they are the best places to live. We do ascertain that the standard of living there is much better than most places in the United States. All are similar which is why a long description was not needed, but all have their individual flair which was predetermined by design.

The most common factor contributing to this seeming hodgepodge of commonality and diversity is the fact that they are mostly unincorporated areas. The tactic of founding them in such a way as to avoid municipal control has had an effect which never could have been predicted and sets the area apart from anything which we have ever seen or experienced.

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